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The Number 1 Colts in Surrey!
(The Story was too good not to tell)

Even though we are very pleased that we have become the best Colts side in Surrey, we still know that there are way more to come.

In 21/22 Dorking RFC decided to split the Colts away from the 120 mid-week Youth Development Program where players were getting externally sourced coaching every Tuesday night.

The Colts Development Plan was born and we invited the 25 Colts to join the program.

Our CDP plan would rival and challenge any Premiership Colts program both in its coaching quality and facilities. We made sure we cover Physical, Technical, Tactical and Social Development as the cornerstones of our program.

We invited mental health coaches, nutritionists and injury specialists to come and speak to our colts in our attempt to develop more than just rugby players.

We were training Monday nights and Thursday nights alongside the senior section, which further started to inspire the players.

The Colts worked hard and they were exposed to ex international players supporting various aspects of their development on Monday nights while the Colts Coaching group would be more team focussed on Thursday nights.

The Team performed well and finished in the top 10 in 21/22.

As we approached the 22/23 season, the Dorking Senior Squad invited six Colts players to join them in their pre-season program. 5 of these went on to represent a senior side in recent months.

This season also saw the year 1 colts (u/16’s from 21/22) joined the CDP in August and our numbers shot up to 45+

The CDP program started again however this time the year 2 Colts (knowing what to expect) started to push themselves a little harder and subsequently each other.

Playing wise, the season started with a bang as they began by winning the Waterfall Cup games and friendly matches while playing mixed teams.

Finally, they got to the Waterfall Cup final and managed to get a win.

We as a club are hugely proud of this group of Colts and Coaches.

So where do we go from here?

Well we are looking to get into the National Colts Cup as we feel we are able to compete in there.

23/24 season will also see our Colts numbers rise to 60+ players, which is simply amazing. We will also look to kick on by starting to enhance what we are offering as a club.

We asked a few people who are directly associated with the recent development for some comments and they had the following to say:

“The access to top class facilities and high level coaching promotes a competitive team who strive for the best level of Colts rugby around.”

Ollie Shepard, Colts Captain.

“For me culture, trust and team spirit are the key to success. The Colts Development Program is a key part of the clubs ability to maintain and grow these areas. Allowing the lads to benefit from a range of very experienced and talented people from across the club is instrumental in enthusing and retaining Colts players and ensuring that they go on to become successful senior team members”

Dom Brockes, Colts Head Coach


The CPD has been a wonderful new initiative at Dorking RFC. The holistic approach to our young men has factored in not only the colts team, but also the individuals within our team. Many of the boys are now progressing nicely along personalised goals in both their rugby, mental and physical development.

This approach has led to the highest number of U21 players at the club in a long time and will hopefully mean that more of our young players who spread their wings to university and the wider world will fly back home to Dorking soon.

Dorking now boasts one of the largest registered playing groups in Surrey, with almost 50 players now playing their U18 rugby at the club.

The Surrey 2022 Waterfall Cup Champions are going from strength to strength thanks to the work from CDP coaches: Dan McKenzie, Tom Bristow, Cam Cowell and Armand Roux

Youth Transition Manager, Benji Wroblewski


"It has always been a dream of ours to establish a program where players can develop, not only as players but also as young adults. Don’t get me wrong, we want to develop great rugby players, but we also want them to enjoy playing rugby even more. We have some great people around the club who supports the program and I would love to see us grow our offering.

I know we will get to the position in 23/24 season where we will have 60+ colts. For me the transition into senior rugby is a big element of how we can improve our offering as a club to clearly support the player development pathway

Very gratefull to be surrounded by likeminded coaches and board members as this makes the dream so much more of a reality"

Director of Rugby, Armand Roux.

The Youth Development Program for Dorking Rugby Club was only made possible through the support from our John Douglas Youth Development Fund that actively supports everything youth development. 

Read more about it here. 

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