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  • Robin Williams


You can’t see it             -   it’s an invisible pain                                       It’s OK to Need Help

  • a weight
  • a feeling of insignificance
  • a crushing wave
  • a monster


At Dorking Rugby Club, we're passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of our members and players, with our Medical & Rehabilitation Centre providing top class facilities for player welfare from Minis through to Seniors.  Mental Health is as important as physical wellbeing however, and we are committed to providing our rugby community with the support they need.  Working with local charity Dorking Minds we will be increasing the number of  Adult and Adolescent Mental Health First Aiders at the club, with the aim of eventually having one per age group/playing squad.


As Adults, we try and stay strong for our families and friends, but there will always be times when we feel a little more vulnerable.  It's OK to not be OK.  It's OK to talk and it's OK to ask for help.  We have people you can talk to confidentially, who will listen without judgement and who can offer support.   Medical lead Melanie Thorn is the first point of contact - please click here.  Other useful contacts/resources are set out below.


With large Minis, Youth and Girls' sections, we are only too aware of the pressures that young people face and the mental health crisis that has been escalated by the pandemic.  We have qualified Adolescent Mental Health First Aiders within the club/coaching structure who are available to offer support and advice - please click here.  Working with specialist teenage mental health provider Stem4 we intend to hold a series of presentations/webinars for parents and coaches, providing education on how to identify warning signs and advice on how to offer support and access appropriate services.  Other useful contact and resources are below.



Support for Adults


Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

                                    Mental Health Crisis Helpline - 0800 915 4644


Samaritans -                  Website -         www.samaritans.org

                                    Phone - 116 123

                                    Online chat -     pilot service available from website.


AnxietyUK -                 Website -         www.anxietyuk.org.uk  

                                    Phone - 03444 775 774

                                    Text support -  07537 416905


Mind -                          Website -         www.mind.org.uk

                                    General advice and support


Ieso Digital Health -      Website -         www.iesohealth.com


DHC Talking Therapies

                                    Website -         www.dhctalkingtherapies.co.uk

                                    Phone - 01483 906392


Brave Mind -                 Website -         www.bravemind.co.uk

                                    A rugby specific mental health charity


Apps -                          Headspace

                                    What’s Up?

                                    My Possible Self




Local Community-based Projects


Mary Frances Trust       Website -         www.maryfrancestrust.org.uk


Dorking Men’s Shed      Website -         www.dorkingshed.org.uk

Email -              info@dorkingshed.org.uk         


Patchwork Garden       Website -         www.patchworkinggardenproject.co.uk

Email -              info@patchworkinggardenproject.co.uk



Support for Children & Teenagers


CAMHS Single point of access -

Phone - 0300 222 5755


CYP Safe Haven -          Website -         www.cyphaven.net

                                    Phone -             01483 519436

                                    Drop in centres in Guildford & Epsom


Kooth -                        Website -         www.kooth.com

Online counselling & wellbeing platform


Jo’s Buddy Line -           Website -         www.Joesbuddyline.org

                                    Text support -  text Joesbuddy to 85258


Apps                            Blue Ice

Calm Harm

                                    Clear Fear

                                    Move Mood

                                    Combined Minds



Local Community-based Projects


            Belong Community Project       Website -         www.belongcommunity.org

                                                            Email -              steve@belongcommunity.org

                                                            Phone - 07532 331810

                                                            Based at The Malthouse, Meadowbank, Dorking





For Mental Health First Aiders at Dorking RFC Contact


Pip Merrett       07976 742421  pip.merrett@gmail.com




Jonny Wilkinson

There is a stigma around it [mental health] and an association with weakness.

“When people open up about those things, it's a sign of strength, not weakness. There should never be a stigma about it.


Joe Marler

'I was driving to work every morning, putting the radio on and crying. I was having these thoughts: "You're pathetic. What are you doing here? What's the point of it all?". Not just the point of rugby… the point of life. It was a case of, "F**k it all". There were times when I thought, "What would it be like if I wasn't here?"


The doctor spoke to me and said, "If you’ve got a virus, do you take antibiotics?" I said, “Er, yeah”.

'He said that’s exactly how you should look at anti-depressants. I was taking them like an antibiotic, while doing CBT to help put the processes in place. It suddenly made perfect sense. It didn’t feel like a weakness any more.'

“And I’d encourage anyone to speak out if they’ve got feelings about something. Get it out there. We all have dark times occasionally. In the macho world of rugby, it can be seen as a sign of weakness to be emotional and honest. It’s not.”



Eddie Jones

Part of the ethos of rugby is to look out for each other. Whether you’re a coach, player or supporter it’s important to keep an eye on those around you and if you see someone struggling, don’t be afraid to say something and offer support"



A survey of female rugby players in the United Kingdom, conducted by the Girls Rugby Club in 2020, found an overwhelming 90% of respondents said that playing rugby improved their self-esteem and confidence.

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