Medical & Rehab Gym Project Update


Dear Member,

The Club’s Board of Trustees met on Saturday and approved the start date of April 2020 for the Medical and Rehab Gym project.

Overall the whole project consisting of new physio treatment rooms, rehab gym, no-step accessible balcony, new main entrance, additional accessible WC, and internal alterations to accommodate a permanent club shop, larger downstairs servery and an office is budgeted at £456,000. We currently have £240 000 committed funding with a further £75 000 pledged and an additional £80 000 in the ‘highly likely’ category, and on that basis the green light has been given.

The mathematicians amongst you will have by now realised that even if all of the above monies are secured, we will still be some £60 000 short of the target, and will no doubt be asking on what basis the go ahead has been given.

Firstly, we are confident that the balance of funds can be found / raised.

Secondly, as a fall-back the project could, if the funding shortfall persists, be split with the medical rooms, rehab gym and balcony taking priority with the office, additional accessible WC and new entrance being put on hold until sufficient funding is raised.

Finally, we really want to get this done (to coin a phrase) in advance of the club’s centenary year 2021.

To minimise both disruption and cost we would ideally complete the whole scheme this year, but to do this we need to secure the balance of funding. A big thank you to those who have already committed or pledged funds, purchased bricks, been involved in the fundraising, baked and sold cakes, run the sweetie stall etc, but if you haven’t yet pledged a donation, or bought a brick, now’s the time to do so. Additionally, if you have any further ideas for fundraising then please do get in touch.

We are building not just for the current players and members, but for the future generations; those in the youth and the minis, and indeed those yet to come. So dig deep and help us ‘over the line’ with this project.


Shaun Hammond

Chairman, Dorking RFC

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