Expanding upon our shared passion for DRFC, we are thrilled to extend exclusive networking opportunities to our sponsors and partners.

Developed to serve as a bridge, uniting local businesses in a dynamic synergy, these networking sessions will allow our sponsors and partners to extract even greater value from their partnership with our club.

Upcoming Networking Events


  • Friday 19th January | 8am-10am | Facilitated Networking with 1 to 1s Book Now
  • Wednesday 21st February | Mid-season update from Armand Roux
  • Wednesday 27th March | 8am-10am | Facilitated Networking with 1 to 1s | Book Now
  • Monday 29th April | Informal networking inviting DRFC members who are business owners | Book Now
  • Wednesday 15th of May | Club Awards Night with reception for Sponsors & Partners
  • Friday 21st June Facilitated Networking with 1 to 1s | Book Now

Who are our networking events for?

Our network events are reserved for club sponsors and partners. These gatherings are tailored to provide an exclusive platform for our valued supporters, ensuring that they have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and derive maximum value from their association with our club.

Why attend our networking sessions?

Attending our network sessions offers a wealth of benefits for club sponsors and partners. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to:

  1. Forge Strong Connections: You can connect with like-minded businesses and individuals who share a passion for our club, fostering powerful relationships that can lead to fruitful collaborations.
  2. Exchange Ideas: Our networking events are a space for the free flow of ideas, enabling you to gain insights and perspectives from fellow sponsors and partners that can potentially enhance your business strategies.
  3. Strengthen Partnerships: It's a chance to nurture and reinforce your partnerships with the club, ensuring that they remain mutually beneficial and robust over time.
  4. Access Exclusive Information: These sessions often feature exclusive club updates, insider insights, and information that may not be publicly available.
  5. Enhance Brand Visibility: Networking events allow you to showcase your brand to a highly targeted and receptive audience, increasing your visibility within the club's community.
  6. Stay Informed: Keep up to date with the latest developments and trends in the world of DRFC and the local business scene, ensuring you're well-informed and ready to adapt as needed.
  7. Support Local Business: By participating, you contribute to the growth and prosperity of local businesses, including your own, and strengthen the local economic ecosystem.

In essence, attending our network sessions is an investment in your business relationships, knowledge, and brand exposure, with the potential for long-term gains in both the professional and personal spheres.