The Vikings due to raid Dorking on 20-21st May

After a great tour to the Western Vikings on the Isle of Man, we now get to host the Western Vikings at Dorking.

20th May 2016
The Vikings will be arriving at 1pm ish in Dorking where they intend to check out many of the establishments – Bulls Head, Falkland Arms etc….. If any of you are available to form a welcome committee please let me know, the more the merrier.

21st May 2016
Meet at DRFC for 1pm where the bar will be open. All players that played in IoM are expected to play for a true re-match.
KO will be at 3pm this will allows for sufficient pain killing beers to be quaffed before the game.
Post Match BBQ for the tourists and players. BBQ will be available for non-player as cost.
We plan to wrap up at the club around 8pm-ish and head back into Dorking where many of us will head to the Falkland Arms where a live band “The Zealots” will be playing.
I hope you can join us.



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