As we take our first tentative steps out of lockdown, mainly towards the nearest open pub or to get a much-needed haircut, we find ourselves reflecting on recent months and wondering about what will happen now.

In our summer newsletter, we update you on:


What’s been happening?
Despite the closure, we’re lucky to have some great members who have been busy behind the scenes during lockdown...

What comes next?
Following on from Shaun's club update email, we take the next steps to update you on where we are in the RFU return to rugby process...


Safety First!
We can only get through this and out the other side if we work on the premise that safety comes first. We’ve been pulling out the stops to ensure all players safety as they launch into pre-season activity...

First steps towards rugby!
Following our robust guidelines, last week saw the senior players, u11-u18 girls and some youth age groups start with extremely hygienic, socially-distanced pre-season training...


Protect your physical health
As we start to come out of lockdown, we want to make sure everyone is keeping safe. Read our article giving a rundown on what we’re hoping you’re doing to protect yourselves so that we can all meet up again sooner...

Protect your mental health
The massive changes that came with COVID-19 have taken a toll on many people in many ways, including our mental health. Read our article on with tips on how you can help to maintain your mental wellbeing...


  • Free mental health training for coaches
  • Free ways that you can help to support our club
  • New bar opening times
  • Club contacts

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