On a sunny afternoon at the big field Dorking Women looked to consolidate on a great performance late week as they moved into there second league game of the season.

The conditions for rugby could not have been better with a slight cool breeze and the pitch looking like a think pile green carpet.

The team in high spirts took nothing for granted and the focus in the warmup was clear only another win was going to be good enough.

Basingstoke arrived looking to play their first game of the season and the team looked strong with the forward pack wanting to dominate with size and power.

The whistle went for the start of the game with Basingstoke putting the ball straight down the centre of the field, Dorking ran it straight back, using our forwards to make the hard yards with Basingstoke putting up a strong defence play camped between the halfway and the 10-meter line.

After a few phases with forwards sucking in the Basingstoke Defence Lucia Schifano broke through the centre stepped the 13 making strides to the try line the Basingstoke Full back making a great cover tackle on the 5 meter however with support on her shoulder Lucia off loaded to Jasmine Pitt-Payne who crashed over Dorking 5-0 up.

Stevie Cook makes the conversion from the 15 7-0 Dorking

Basingstoke restarted the game and again taken up by the Dorking Forwards punching above their weight set the backs running that was to be the theme for the day with the speed of Dorking’s back line being to much for Basing stoke to cope with, the ball makes it way down the line to Jemma Wood in a bit of space and doesn’t need another invitation cuts through the Basingstoke 13 & 14 runs round the full back to to score under the posts. 12-0 Dorking

Stevie Cook makes the conversion 14-0 Dorking

Sticking to structure and stretching the basing stoke forwards Jasmine Pitt-Payne brake through the centre of the field and with a 45m run brushes off Basingstoke tacklers eventually bought down on the 5 meter with Jemma Wood on hand to dot down for her second of the day. 19-0 Dorking

Conversion missed

With some handing errors from Dorking Basingstoke enjoyed some possession and looked to apply some pressure of there own however Dorking had some other ideas with good line speed and fierce tackling from Ellie Richards & Lucie Warren the ball was soon turned over.

Basingstoke then proceeded to put some hard hits in of there own keeping Dorking on there own 22 meter line, Dorking retained the ball well and shipped the ball wide again found Jem in space went 2 3rds of the pitch to dot down for her 3rd try of the day 24-0 Dorking

Stevie Cook makes the conversion 26-0 Dorking

From the Kick off the Ball makes its way to Jasmine Pitt-Payne who makes another quick brake this time no stopping her and scores over the whitewash. 31-0 Dorking

Conversion missed

The game continued in the same vain and Basingstoke now wise to the threat out wide looking to cover the danger player Lexie Potgieter working hard of the wing takes an inside ball to fly over the line scoring her first of the day 36-0 Dorking

Stevie Cook makes the conversion 38-0 Dorking

As the game continued with some big carries from Ellie Richards and link play from Naomi Brown defensive numbers just ran out for Basingstoke and they couldn’t cope the pace of Jemma Wood as she strolls over for number 4 43-0 Dorking

Conversion missed

Basingstoke with some rare possession, kept hold of the ball for a long period using their big runners to start to knock on the door making headway on the Dorking line. With their defence standing strong, Dorking managed to turn over the ball with some great game management from Imogen Trigger. Dorking structure stood them in good stead as they made their way down field Stevie Cook slides over for another Dorking try 48-0 Dorking

Conversion missed

Dorking continue to maintain pressure and quickly ship the ball to the one place Basingstoke don’t want it into the hand of Jemma Wood who crosses over for number 5 53-0

Stevie Cook makes the conversion 55-0 Dorking

More hard carries follow from Dorking and the Basingstoke Beavers dam is busted open by captain Lauren Parsons who ploughs over the line to score another try for the Dorking Cock-Lasses 60-0 Dorking

Stevie Cook makes the conversion 62-0 Dorking

As much as Basingstoke tried, they were just no match for the pace of the Dorking backs as Jemma Wood decides she doesn’t need the support of Katie Corbett who is on her shoulder for an easy try & cuts back in to run round the last line of defence and score under the sticks for a double hattrick 67-0 Dorking

Stevie Cook makes the conversion 69-0 Dorking

Basingstoke showing great hart are not going down with out a fight and with their hard hitting forwards mange to brake the Dorking Red wall at the half way cover defence cones across for Dorking but a determined Basingstoke have support on the shoulder and the score under the posts 69-5 Dorking

Basingstoke make the conversion 69-7 Dorking

Dorking are relentless in their attack and with more heavy carries from Ellie Richards that she has made all afternoon the ball is shipped to the wing and Lexie Potgieter flies in for her 2nd of the day   74-7 Dorking

Stevie Cook makes the conversion 76-7 Dorking

Another Great performance from the Red & Whites 2 games in and finding there rhythm strolling into next week preparations for the first round of the Cup

Back of the Match Lexie Potgieter for her relentless work off of the wing always looking to get involved and rewarded with a brace of try’s

Forward of the match for Naomi Brown wining ball at the line out interlinking play between forwards and backs and just relentless at the break down

Player of the Match Ellie Richards the corner stone of the scrum giving the back a platform to play off, dominate tackles beyond the gain line pinning the opposition back a stopping their momentum dead and making the hard yards keeping the team on the front foot.

Well played to the entire squad from 1 to 22 all put there hand up as the red and white keep on rolling.

Ben Puttick AKA Wolfie

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