Ah the 1980s.  The Royal wedding, more industrial action than you could shake a stick at, lukewarm milk and biscuits at school, bum-bags and shellsuits.  Okay, not particularly fun, but definitely things that stick in your mind depending on your age at the time.

But some things were pretty fantastic.  The introduction of MTV, finely crafted mixtapes (press down play and record at the same time on your boombox), Ferris Bueller and Pretty in Pink, Grange Hill (Just say No!), Listening to ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ for the first time – not yet being bored to death by it, Dorking v Muffinmen was still a thing, and of course, it was the start of Dorking Minis!

As we ramp up to our centenary celebrations in 2021, we’ve been digging into our history and found that it’s been 40 years since the minis joined the raft of Dorking teams.  Hopefully in recent weeks you’ve seen our celebratory posts on players who joined at minis and worked through the age groups and still have huge involvement now.  What an awesome club!

It’s definitely time to have a celebration… and what better than an 80s disco?  Because – let’s face it, the people who should be celebrating are the people who’ve been through it and came out the other side, landing (Ready to Rhumble) in the 90s with a Titanic bang ready to fight Blur or Oasis’ corner.

When is it?

7th March is the date – put it in your diary!  It starts at 8pm and goes on ‘til late, so there’s plenty of time to get back from Sevenoaks if you’re heading over to the 1st XV game, and the England v Wales game will be done and dusted.  Hopefully we’ll have plenty to celebrate!

What’s happening?

Obviously there’s a disco… with all your favourite 80s tunes blasting out, but we’ll also have specials on 80s themed cocktails (cheeky Vimto please!), a very naughty party punch is included and for anyone who gets peckish, Hill House Farm will have a food wagon packed with bowl foods, and munchy snacks like halloumi fries and of course, their amazing pork scratchings!

…and then, of course, there’s a ‘best dressed’ prize.

What to wear?

Decisions, decisions… there are so many ways to make an impact with 80s styles.  Not necessarily a good impact – but an impact for sure! Suggest that no-one actually goes to the lengths of having an actual mullet cut or half perm… But if you’re looking for a little inspiration:

  • Embrace your inner-Yuppie – Think ‘Wall Street’. Women in power suits, MASSIVE shoulder pads and BIG hair; men with slicked hair (oh those tubs of gooey gel), sharp suits and braces.  Your soundtrack will be Danger Zone from Top Gun and pretty much anything by Robert Palmer.
  • Dare to double denim – acid washed for the brave! If Chuck Norris could do it, so can you. Your soundtrack could be anything from Shakin’ Stevens to Bon Jovi.
  • Nail the neon look – Fluro wasn’t something that suited everyone, but they did it anyway. Shell suits, sweatbands, shoes, leg warmers and spandex leotards – all pretty much unisex, so go for it! The aerobic exercise craze hit full force in the eighties and exercise gear went hand-in-hand with neon.
  • Soft rock – It seems that jeans needed to be tight and high-waisted to blast out a power ballad! Hair was massive and hairspray was your best friend. Leather jackets were a must. Put some Whitesnake or Def Leppard on your Walkman!
  • Be New Romantic – Flamboyant, eccentric, way too many frills, satin, velvet and eyeliner, and lopsided haircuts. Think early Duran Duran, Human League and Flock of Seagulls. 

Here’s a few Instagram/Pinterest searches for extra inspiration:

#80sHighTops #80sBaggyJumpers #80sBomberJacket #ChooseLifeTshirt #Flashdance #originalMiamiVice #MadonnaLikeaVirgin #80sPunk #80sHipHop #MadLizzieWorkout #FrankieSaysRelax #JellyShoes #TheATeam

Of course, if you want to be subtle, you could go for that 80s tour kit you have at the back of the wardrobe.

If you still really have no idea, take a chill pill. We suggest you watch The Breakfast Club – if you haven’t seen it, you should.  Most genres covered and the best 80s soundtrack ever!  

Easy enough – It’s £8 if you book in advance CLICK HERE >> or £10 on the door.  All proceeds will go towards the clubs redevelopment fund.

Let’s party like it’s the 80s… Pity the fool who doesn’t join in – it’s going to be rad, righteous, ace, bodacious and we’re going to party hardy, take it to the max – and all of the other phrases we haven’t used since ’87!

Like, totally… Psych!

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