Final Call – Autumn International Tickets

Dear Member, June 2017

Autumn Internationals 2017

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The RFU are implementing an online ticket purchasing system for clubs and constituent bodies this year.
Unfortunately, the window of opportunity is fairly short for the Club to achieve the best seats available so please do not delay in submitting your application and payment!
There is no ballot for the Argentina and Samoa games, you will be ordering tickets for the match which are not sold on a sale or return basis. So there will be no refunds if you over order or are not able to attend.
Junior seats are available for both these matches but not in all seat categories. (see application form below and on the club website)

The Category A match England v Australia, will be allocated by ballot in the normal way and is likely to be oversubscribed, however, please do not delay in applying if you would like a chance to get tickets.

In applying for these tickets members must:

Agree the tickets are for yourself (family or close friends only)
Agree that you will not pass on, re-sell tickets to anyone or ticket ‘touts’.
Agree to abide by the RFU Ticket application conditions. View @
Be fully paid up members of Dorking RFC.

Please be sure the forms are completed and returned to me as indicated by the closing date together with your cheque.
Unfortunately, we are unable to process applications that are not accompanied by payment as the Club has to pay for the tickets in advance.

As a reminder if you purchase tickets but are unable to attend, you must, in this case, offer your tickets back to the RFU only and not pass them on to third parties/organisations. Refunds, however, will not be given on returned tickets.
Should you wish to pass them on to a friend or family member and you have the Club’s consent you must make them aware of the RFU ticketing conditions and the consequences to the Club for breaking any of those conditions. You will also need to give us their names and addresses so that we have full traceability of the tickets at all times.

Your understanding is much appreciated on this.

The closing date for applications is Monday 10 July 2017

Yours sincerely,

Bob White
Ticket Secretary

Application Form Master Cover letter 2017


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